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Social Media Revolution

Posted in Impact on Education, multimedia, Web 2.0 by Mark Barnes on March 13, 2010

Do we have any idea where social media and Web 2.0 are going?   

Based on this video, it’s hard to believe that we do. More importantly, are we using the power of these tools properly in education?   

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Jing Video Demonstrates Wiki Site’s Slide Show Feature

Posted in applications, classroom web site, multimedia, Teaching Tools, wiki by Mark Barnes on February 26, 2010

The versatility of a wiki-hosted classroom web site allows teachers to empower students to create many wonderful learning experiences. An embedded slide show is just one example of a myriad of modules that some wikis provide.  

Although it’s not part of the wiki, a Jing video screencast can be linked or embedded on the wiki-hosted classroom web site, demonstrating how other tools, like the slide show are used. The example below is a Jing video I created in minutes and linked on my classroom web site, in order to teach my students how to create and embed a slide show on their student web sites, as part of a research project.  

The students enjoy these instructional videos, which they can view as often as they need. They love creating slide shows even more.  

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Is Entourage Edge better than the iPad?

Posted in Gadgets, Impact on Education, multimedia, Recent Events, Teaching Tools by Mark Barnes on February 13, 2010

I just saw this video on the Entourage Edge. It’s maybe the coolest computer/notebook/eReader I’ve ever seen.  

Wonder how long before we can actually use these in our classrooms.  

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Nellie Deutsch and Integrated Technology hosted awesome live event

Posted in Conferences, multimedia, Recent Events by Mark Barnes on February 7, 2010

Thanks to Nellie Deutsch, who runs the Integrated Technology community site, for hosting a remarkable event — the Connecting Online 2010 Conference — February 5-7.

I was able to share my knowledge of teaching online courses, using a wiki-hosted web site, with people from Malaysia, the UK, Puerto Rico and India, just to name a few. Using WizIq’s Skype-like video interface, I talked over a brief PowerPoint presentation and got to hear questions live from those who sat in on the conference.

If you’d like to view a recording of the virtual presentation, just join WizIq and search for Mark Barnes.

Thanks again, Nellie, for a marvelous event.

Can augmented reality be used as a teaching tool?

Posted in multimedia, Recent Events, Teaching Tools, Web 2.0 by Mark Barnes on February 6, 2010

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So, now you can try on clothes on your computer with your webcam. This is what’s  known as “augmented reality.” 

Star Trek fans would liken this fairly new technology to Deep Space Nine’s holosuites —  rooms where anything becomes virtually real. Sure, the augmented reality of the 21st century is not as fantastic as the holo-technology of the Star Trek universe, but it’s pretty cool, nonetheless. 

What I’m wondering is how can this be used in the K-12 classroom as a teaching tool?

Embed your podcast on your classroom web site

Posted in applications, classroom web site, multimedia, Teaching Tools by Mark Barnes on January 24, 2010

Students love interactivity. It’s where they live. The flat world of the pencil and paper is not on their radar.

In order to get your students’ attention, you have to get into the new millennium and ramp up your classroom web site or blog. You can do this with a podcast.

Podcasting at a place like Voki or Gcast is easy and your finished product can be embedded directly into your classroom web site. Once it’s embedded into a single page, you can move it any place you wish with a single piece of code. Here’s an example on my classroom web site.

Don’t worry about how you might sound on the podcast. You can even have fun with it and try silly voices, or even have your students record podcasts. Either way, they’ll love it.

Embedding video makes wiki hosted classroom web site come to life

Posted in classroom web site, multimedia, Web 2.0 by Mark Barnes on January 22, 2010

One of  the best parts of a good wiki-hosted classroom web site is the ability to embed video. Any classroom teacher can find video on YouTube, TeacherTube or other places that is relevant to the subject matter.

The wiki classroom web site allows the administrator to not just link to video but to actually embed the video directly into web pages, like this one on my classroom web site. While working on a drama unit, built around Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol,  I found this awesome slide show on the industrial revolution. The T-Rex music was a powerful addition for this enlightening video.

If you didn’t click the above link to see the video embedded on my classroom web site, here’s what it looks like.

How long before there is a Kindle in every student’s hands?

Posted in Gadgets, multimedia, Teaching Tools by Mark Barnes on January 20, 2010

Although this Kindle blog may just be an advertisement disguised as information, there is certainly merit to the comments that the students make in the post.

The blog contends that polled students say they like the ability to change font size, being able to bookmark pages and the fact that they don’t have to carry heavy textbooks, among other things.

In the digital world, one has to wonder how long it will be before all students are reading their novels and their science texts on digital readers like Kindle.

Can Google Wave change the way we teach?

Posted in applications, classroom web site, multimedia, Web 2.0 by Mark Barnes on January 19, 2010

A recent article at eSchool News suggests that Google’s still-in-test-mode Wave program just might change education forever. Although there are both positive and negative reviews on Google Wave from the choice few who have been invited to try it, most teachers who love technology are guardedly enthusiastic about the advent of Google Wave and its potential effect on teaching.

From what I’ve seen and read, Google Wave is a ramped-up e-mail program that allows users to create an e-mail that is sort of like an ongoing chat. There are a lot of other cool features, but I haven’t seen enough to determine if Google Wave is something that can eventually replace my already souped-up classroom web site.

Until it’s available for all of us, check out the video below and judge for yourself.

Embed video on your classroom web site

Posted in classroom web site, multimedia, Teaching Tools, Web 2.0 by Mark Barnes on January 17, 2010

Embedding a video that supports a lesson on your classroom web site is a wonderful way to grab your students’ attention and get them talking.

During our unit on Lois Lowry’s The Giver, I use video like the one embedded on my web site’s The Giver unit page.

You can grab the code for videos like this in any number of places. Obviously, YouTube is a great place for video, but many school districts block YouTube. With due diligence, though, you can find great videos, put them on your web site and get your students talking.