Mark Barnes

Classroom web site requires teacher flexibility

Posted in Classroom strategies, classroom web site, Conferences, student web sites by Mark Barnes on February 4, 2010

Mark Barnes at eTech Ohio Ed Tech ConferenceWhen I presented at the eTech Ohio Educational Technology Conference, I was asked about giving web-based assignments to students who may not always have Internet access. My answer was both simple and complex, and it was just one word — flexibility.

It’s simple, in that a classroom web site with student web sites can be used for all activities, including homework, as long as the teacher allows for extended time. In other words, you can’t assign homework to be completed on a web site and always have it due the next day; this just isn’t fair to students who don’t have Internet access.

It’s complex, because many teachers simply can’t let go of the nightly homework.

Try assigning several web-based activities, which your students will put on their classroom web sites, and make them due at the end of the week.

Want to get really creative? Have homework be due on a Saturday night at 10:00 P.M. This will really blow your students’ minds. In the paperless classroom, though, anything is possibility.

It just takes a little flexibility.


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