Mark Barnes

Can the Apple iPad revolutionize education technology?

Posted in Gadgets, Teaching Tools by Mark Barnes on January 28, 2010

According to Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, it’s neither a smart phone nor a laptop. The Apple iPad, however, may be the sort of revolutionary technology that changes the classroom forever.

With education technology evolving faster than Usein Bolt in a 100-meter dash, it seems that every week there is some new tool or application for teachers to integrate into the classroom.

The iPad, though, may be just what the teacher assigned ordered. If the iPad delivers what Jobs promises, eBooks might become more popular than ever, and a giant leap toward eliminating paper text could be made. At just $499 per unit, putting the iPad in students’ hands is just a technology grant or two away.

We’ll know more about the success of the iPad when it hits stores in a few months; I, for one, hope Steve Jobs delivers as well as he usually does.


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