Mark Barnes

Can Google Wave change the way we teach?

Posted in applications, classroom web site, multimedia, Web 2.0 by Mark Barnes on January 19, 2010

A recent article at eSchool News suggests that Google’s still-in-test-mode Wave program just might change education forever. Although there are both positive and negative reviews on Google Wave from the choice few who have been invited to try it, most teachers who love technology are guardedly enthusiastic about the advent of Google Wave and its potential effect on teaching.

From what I’ve seen and read, Google Wave is a ramped-up e-mail program that allows users to create an e-mail that is sort of like an ongoing chat. There are a lot of other cool features, but I haven’t seen enough to determine if Google Wave is something that can eventually replace my already souped-up classroom web site.

Until it’s available for all of us, check out the video below and judge for yourself.


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