Mark Barnes

Are teachers ready for Web 2.0?

Posted in Web 2.0 by Mark Barnes on January 14, 2010

The American Association of School Libraries recently ranked the top 25 websites for teaching and learning. Many of these have existed for less than two years. The Web 2.0 world is truly exploding, and it is rapidly making its way into the k-12 classroom.

So as a teacher, which application or social network is right for the classroom and for impressionable young minds? Are students ready for Web 2.0? Are these online exchanges really safe?

These are the questions that lead many school districts to shy away from Web 2.0 completely. The more open-minded, progressive administrations, though, are prompting their teachers to research this new technology and to find out what works best.

With so much to choose from, one must wonder how will educators get it right?


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